Postgres Commands For MySQL Dudes

Command Line UI

psql -U${user} -P${password} ${database} uses the command line ui to connect to database ${database}
\? help
\q quit

MySQL to Postgres Command Reference

Show Commands

MySQL Postgres
show databases; \l
show schemas; \dn
show tables; \dt
show tables in schema; \dt prov_export_v6_08_mysql.*

Search paths

/*change default schema*/use my_db;set search_path TO {schema1},{schema2},…
e.g. set search_path TO my_schema1,public

MySQL Postgres
/*change database*/ use my_db; \c my_db;

Dump metadata

describe providers;\d providers

MySQL Postgres
describe table; \d table

SQL differences

A big difference between Postgres and MySQL is in the handling of group by. MySQL does not adhere to the SQL standards and allows you to include columns in the query that aren’t in the group by list.