Node JS in Hindsight

A 20/20 on commands found in the Node JS Cookbook

NOTE: the hindsight series are based on old HowTos and are being ported to the more recent versions. Some of this info may be presently out of date until this porting effort is finished.

Node JS is a javascript web server and associated packages allowing javascript to be used on the backend as well as on the client.

  • angularjs a framework for building clients.
  • bower is one of several package managers in javascript land. This one’s focus is installing CSS and javascript packages like bootstrap and angular. The main difference between bower and npm is that, bower installs packages for the web client while npm installs modules (packages) for the node JS web server.
  • cordova AKA phone gap – a cross platform application framework for building smart phone appsĀ  that hosts html5 web clients on the phone and provide access to native devices.
  • grunt – grunt is a build tool for javascript – playing the analogous role of gradle or ant.
  • gulp – gulp is another build tool supposedly a better faster version of grunt.
  • ionic – a particular set of ui controls on top of angular.
  • karma – a testing framework for running code against browsers.
  • npm – this is the node JS package manager for node JS


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